This Weekend – Taubmans Endure Matt Finish

Products You'll Need

  • Taubman's Endure Interior Matt Finish

Tool's You'll Need

  • Painters Tape
  • Paint Brush, Roller & Tray
  • Drop Sheets
  • Personal Protective Equipment

We recently repainted the nursery ready for the impending arrival of our little one, using the new Taubmans Endure Matt Finish. Here are are few points to consider when selecting paint for a nursery.



Step 1 : Consider Your Colour Choice

Colour has the power to influence mood, behaviour and stimulation. For us, it’s important that we choose a colour for this room that is calm, provides comfort and illicits a sense of happiness. We’ve decided on Taubman’s Silver Platter.  This colour has a soothing effect, which is great for creating a calm and serene nursery!


Step 2 : Pick the Right Type of Paint for the Job

We’re using Taubmans Endure Interior because it is low VOC, which means less odours – and it’s also allergy and asthma-friendly.


Step 3 : Think Long Term

Consider a neutral shade which will stand the test of time.  By making a neutral selection, as our little one grows we can add their personality using toys, books and their own artwork.