How to Use SlurrySafe™

  • 1 hour, dependent on area
  • 1-2
  • cost of product

Products You'll Need

  • SlurrySafe AR™
  • Water

Tools You'll Need

  • High Pressure Cleaner
  • Pressure Sprayer

We did a little driveway clean and seal, something we’d put off for a while and mate did it need a clean!! We used Slurry Solutions to clean all the stains out of the concrete and sandstone. To do this in the past we probably would have used a hard acid but SlurrySafe™ is actually just as effective and biodegradable. Being in the building industry it really excites us to see effective environmentally friendly products being used. So if you need to clean some concrete, stone, bricks or even clean the concrete off your tools you should definitely be using SlurrySafe™!


Step 1 : Make a Mixture of SlurrySafe™ and Water

Our driveway is a mixture of concrete and sandstone, so we’ll be making up two different mixes – one for our natural stone and one for our concrete. Typically we would use a hydrochloric acid to clean concrete but SlurrySafe™ is non-toxic, non-fuming, there are no VOCs and it’s 100% biodegradable so that means that it’s not going to kill off any of my grass or gardens.


Step 2 : Wet Surface, apply SlurrySafe™

We’re using a 1:12 mix for our sandstone. Wet the surface down with water, apply the SlurrySafe™ using your pressure sprayer and then work your way across the surface with the high pressure cleaner.  When we get to our concrete section of driveway, we change to our 1:3 mix and repeat the process.

Step 3 : Allow the Surface to Dry and apply Sealer

Slurry Solutions has a range of sealers you can apply as a final step.




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