How To Paint Exterior Brickwork

  • unique to size of area
  • 1-2
  • unique to project

Products You'll Need

  • Water-based Cleaning Solution
  • Taubmans 3-in-1 Prep
  • Exterior Color Paint: Taubmans Endure 'Mojo'
  • Painter's Masking Tape

Tools You'll Need

  • Drop Sheets
  • Paint Stirrer
  • Broom or Brush
  • High Pressure Water Hose
  • Ladder
  • Paint Tray, Paint Roller & Pole / Spray Gun
  • Paint Brush
  • Personal Protective Equipment

Like all paintwork, preparation is key! And this is never as important as when you’re preparing an exterior surface for paint. In this project we’re working on existing brickwork, but if you’re preparing newly constructed brickwork for paint, you will need to use a hydrochloric solution and a high pressure hose to remove any loose mortar.



Step 1 : Clean the Surface

Before you begin, make sure you fill in any holes or cracks.  Then, use a high pressure hose to clean down the brickwork – you may need to use a wire brush to remove any stubborn dirt or white stains.  White residue is generally a sign of efflorescence; a water-soluble salt build up.

Step 2 : Remove Mould or Mildew

Remove any mould or mildew using a solution of water-based mould killer.

Step 3 : Tape Up

Mask and cover any areas you don’t want painted.  We’re taping around our new window frames to ensure no overspray.

Step 4 : Prepare the Brickwork

Apply the Taubmans 3-in-1 sealer, primer and undercoat to the brickwork using a spray gun (or the paint roller attached to a pole).  Use ‘clean sweeps’ (see tip) to ensure an even coat with no gaps.

Step 5 : Fill in Any Gaps

Use a paint brush to fill in any areas that you can’t get to using the spray gun.  This may include spaces around windows and doors that require a little more accuracy.  It’s important that all surfaces obtain a thorough coat of the Taubmans 3-in-1 undercoat.

Step 6 : Apply Exterior Paint

Once the undercoat has had adequate time to dry, repeat the above process to apply your chosen colour of exterior paint.  We’ve used Taubmans Endure in ‘Mojo’.  Ensure you apply two thorough coats in your choice of colour.  Now all that’s left to do is to step back and admire your new brickwork!


Tip from Kara

When using a spray gun, the trick is to have the gun moving before you trigger it on - and continue moving it after you've triggered off. Overlapping each pass by 50% ensures an even coat of paint