This Weekend – Timber Slat Door Mat

  • 4 hours
  • 1
  • $65

Products You'll Need

  • 10m Sisal Rope 8mm (1x packet)
  • Hardwood Stakes, 38x38x1200mm (2x packets)
  • Exterior Paint, Dulux Capital Blue & Taubmans Alaskan Mist
  • Cabbot's Cabothane Clear Water Based Varnish (for timber pieces we didn't paint)

Tools You'll Need

  • Sand Paper or Hand-held Orbital Sander
  • Drill with 10mm drill bit
  • Hand Saw or Drop Saw
  • OR, ask your hardware store to pre-cut timber




Step 1 : Cut Your Timber Slats to Size

Cut your hardwood stakes to size. We cut our stakes to 550mm each – hence, we were able to get two pieces from each stake. You can either do this with a handsaw, drop saw or ask your local hardware store to do for you. We have used 16 timber pieces for our mat, however you can custom your sizing.



Step 2 : Sand and Remove Edges

Sand each timber piece until smooth paying particular attention to edges, to ensure no rough splinters.


Step 3 : Drill the Holes

Now you have your stakes cut to size and sanded, you are ready to drill your holes out. We used a 10mm drill bit. Measure 100mm in from the edge on both ends and mark the centre – this is where you will drill your holes. Once you have your holes drilled out, smooth over holes with sandpaper to sand any rough splinters.



Step 4 : Ready to Paint

You are now ready to paint! We used two colours and a clear timber varnish for every third piece, however the options are endless. Customise your mat to suit your home, or use left-over colours you already have in the garage.



Step 5 : Thread the Rope

Once your paint is dry, line up all your timber lengths in colour order. You can now start to thread your sisal rope through your 10mm holes. Halve your 10 metre rope so you have two lengths of 5 metres. Tie off knot on 1 end of each rope and start threading each piece of timber through –tying a knot on each side after each piece of timber goes on. We left approx. 200mm of rope on each end of the entry mat.



Tip from Kara

You can use any kind of hardwood. I've used some old mixed hardwood timber stakes

Tip from Kara

Tape the ends of the rope with sticky tape to stop it fraying as you push through your holes

Tip from Kara

Style your front door area with your new matt and some coloured pots