Georgie Wilson

I first came across Georgie’s ‘Shadowlands’ series via Greenhouse Interiors.  Having a ten month old means I’m always (subconsciously) on the look out for artwork for little minds.  The series features hands performing sign language with a splash of colour and would be perfect for a kid’s interior.  Most of Georgie’s work features soft, soothing pastels and contrasting pops of fluro, which makes for individualised pieces to brighten up any space.



Could you tell us a bit about your background and the path that led to your current artistic endeavours?

I’m living what feels like a dream life on the Mornington Peninsula, juggling freelance design with painting and my busy little family.  I’ve always been surrounded by art and passionate about it from a young age, and now I’m seeing that same passion in my son Sunny who takes my breath away with his ideas.  When I’m painting or designing or just thinking about new ideas, I can feel myself lose all sense of time (much to my sometimes-neglected family’s annoyance).


What inspires you to create your art?

I find inspiration through everyday shenanigans, my surroundings and social media goings on.  Everyone used to work in such a bubble, but now there’s something new to drool over whenever you like.  I love nature, graffiti, architecture and interiors, particularly mid-century design.  I dream of Scandinavian white interiors but can’t do them : colour just creeps in regardless!


Where would we be likely to see your artwork?

You can see my artwork at @greenhouseinteriors, and buy it online at Greenhouse Interiors, in some cool stores around Australia (thank you!), it may pop up in some cool blogs (hey!) and magazines.  Of course you’ll find me on insta @georgiewilsonartist and on facebook too.  Oh – and – I try to get around a little bit these days 😉



Can you tell us one of your favourite artists?

I love Kirra Jamison, Steven Ormandy, Miranda Skoczek, Marta Spendowska, Eugenia Loli – sigh….I could go on for hours….


Describe your dream home and location.

My studio is a block from the beach and sits high in the treetops – I’m surrounded by moonahs which help calm my sometimes frantic mind (and life).  I’ll paint them one day but I’m not sure how yet.  My dream home has a tonne of windows and would have a view of the ocean as well as the trees – and art of all kinds everywhere!


Do you have artwork displayed in your home? What kind?

Our house is filled with art – Chris and I have been collecting for a long time.  Paintings, ceramics, sculpture and photography.  A few of our friends are artists and we’re lucky enough to have some of their work as well as new things we’ve fallen for over the years.  And I now have Sunny’s amazingness to try and rotate somewhere – we need more walls!



Name one item in your home that you could not do without.

Funnily enough, considering I do little to contribute to it, it’d be the garden.


When you’re not creating masterpieces, where would we find you?

You’ll find me out walking with my littlest – Dusty, and our bullterrior Sookie.  Sunny will be miles ahead on his bike doing laps around us while I scout the neighbourhood for fresh lemons.