Reno Series

Episode 6 – Level Up!

We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again – BUT… I will say living in this renovation has been one of the hardest. I just haven’t had the stamina to see past the chaos as I normally would. Kyal’s been referring to our downstairs living area as ‘the rats nest’ – I wouldn’t go that far (for the record we don’t have rats). I’ve tried to keep it as tidy and comfortable as I can but it’s been impossible to keep clean with so much work going on around us. As the weather gets cooler I would love a shower that isn’t in the hallway and I would also love an oven! I’ve been craving baked potatoes, so the thought of a roast dinner makes my mouth water! As we get closer to finishing upstairs, it’s like time has slowed down and suddenly I just want everything to be done! Or maybe I’m just being a tired, emotional pregnant women – and that’s ok too because it’s not going to happen too many times in my life.

So, with the Velux skylights installed upstairs, we’re ready to start sheeting. We’ve installed Gyprock Sensitive Board for all ceilings and a mix of this and Easycraft VJ panels for the walls.