Reno Series

Episode 2 – It’s Go Time!

We have council approval and we are ready to go! First things first, time to set out for the new garage extension and the studio out the back. We’re living downstairs currently, and although we’d love to get stuck into renovating the main house, we would also love to get the garage and studio to lock up. The weather is still great so while the days are long and warm, we want to make as much progress on the exterior of both the garage, main house and studio as we can. Kyal has begun with the site set out to ensure we know exactly where we’re building. We then spend days digging in preparation for pouring the concrete pad footings for the studio. We dug all the footings and trenches for services by hand also, so our week was literally spent on the shovel. After Council footing and formwork inspections, the concrete was poured.