Reno Series

Episode 3 – Framing Up!

It’s all systems go now! The scaffold is up so the priority over the coming weeks is to get the upstairs exterior completed. Given that you pay a weekly hire fee for the scaffold – this needs to be a priority.

Work on the exterior upstairs level includes:

  • Replacing all the windows
  • Building a new gable roof extension over the existing deck at the front of house– which we’re extending slightly.
  • Rectifying the existing roof frame
  • Stripping the existing roof tiles and replacing with Colorbond.
  • Bricking a couple of small windows on the Western side of the house that we feel are obsolete
  • Removing brickwork from the top front facade of the house and replacing with CSR Cemintel Scarborough™ Weatherboard Cladding
  • Painting the exterior top level