Reno Series

Episode 6 – Bathtime

The focus at Long Jetty Reno shifts to completing the biggest bathroom we’ve ever undertaken!  This calls for a statement bathtub which Kara has chosen, but much to Kyal’s dismay, it weighs a whopping 180kg!

Before we built any internal walls in the Master Bathroom, Kyal and I spent a long time thinking about the layout.  We had plenty of space to work with, so with this in mind we knew that we could create a walk-around shower with a luxurious feel.  Although we love the challenge of designing bathrooms in small spaces, what a treat it is working with plenty of room!

We also complete the powder room and laundry.  They’re not rooms that you generally associate with being beautiful, but I can honestly say I think this laundry is gorgeous!  I love catching a glimpse of it as I walk past…

Work also progresses on the pool area, whilst Kara juggles the renovation finances.