Reno Series

Episode 2 – Construction Begins

Wow, we knew we weren’t buying a finished gem of a house, but once we knocked down the carport, back shed, pergola, and other ‘tack ons’ it became obvious we didn’t have much of a house left.  I’ll have to admit, I got a shock when I came and saw the boys’ demolition work.  Far out Kyal!  Couldn’t you have left a bit more house?!

Before we can begin on the ‘pretty’ parts of building and renovating, there’s a lot of groundwork to be done – and that’s where we’re at.  After demolition is complete, the boys set out the extension, dig footings and concrete the piers.  They mark out and complete the formwork for the pool, and at first I can’t believe how small it looks!  My idea is to combine two different styles and create our own ‘KK pool look’ and we’re excited to see it all come together, so stay tuned…

Kyal installs a Uni-Pier system, and frames are delivered – it all took form so quickly once the boys began standing them!  Now we have a sub-floor and wall frames – which means you can stand in the space and really get a feel for how each room will look.  The boys are powering on with the roof frame, all ready for the next exciting stage of the build.