Winter Wamers

Yes, we know we’re technically half-way through winter here in Australia, but we’re feeling the pinch of these crisp mornings and early sunsets!

We’re warming up our spaces with beautiful pieces from KK Homewares, steaming mugs of tea and outdoor fire pits….read more to see some of our tips and tricks to style your home for winter.

Colours of the season for us are the earthy, subdued tones of sage greens, chocolate browns and taupes with the occasional pop of red or orange. Rugs, throws and cushions are the perfect places to bring in these tones for a warmer winter look. Personally, I love mixing the range of Pony Rider cushions available through KK Homewares, and you can’t get it wrong no matter which combination you choose.

Adding wall art in the form of textural art, material banners and flags or textural wall hangings are a great way of making your space feel cosy and lived in.


Texture and colour are great ways to build upon the character of a room. This can start as simply as selecting a colour you love and slowly and intentionally gathering pieces you love that build on this colour and texture over time.

There’s a lot of talk about the maximalism movement at the moment. It’s all about embracing the art of layering colour, pattern, textures, art and objects to create an eclectic look. One of my favourite elements of a maximalist interior done well is the mix of old and new. Incorporating vintage pieces into a home is a sure way of creating a home that is unique and truly a reflection of your personality. Be intentional about your design decisions and what comes into your space. When selecting decor items ask yourself if you love the piece, or does the piece have a sentimental value? If yes, then go for it!

Here are 5 tips to get you started:

  1. We love a winter fire – including an outdoor fire pit. They’re such a great way to gather friends and family and create a space to sit around and chat. Built in fireplaces are obviously amazing, but we have found the cost-effective cast iron or steel fire pits from Bunnings to be just as effective.  Take out some cushions and throws, and you’ll never want to leave!
  2. Inside we love to invest in timeless, functional pieces that transcend current trends – pieces that can be pulled out each winter and will work with any colour palette. For me, adding a beautiful blanket to the end of a bed or a sofa is one of these pieces.  Not only is this super practical but stylistically the extra layer adds dimension, colour and texture.
  3. Keeping overhead lighting to a minimum and using lamps, pendants and candles instantly creates a cosy winter vibe. We also love to burn incense, which fills the space with a luxurious vibe.
  4. Add a timber or stone tray or platter to the coffee table and style with books, candles and some dried or fresh winter foliage. At our house, these pieces often double as the perfect way to serve cookies and treats when we’re entertaining in the cooler months.
  5. Rearranging furniture to focus on inside entertaining with living room sofas and armchairs focused internally – as opposed to focused on looking to the outside living spaces which is something we love about summer entertaining.

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