Toy Room Reveal

Downstairs we’ve chosen to turn one of the spare bedrooms into a toy room for now. Kyal has done some cost effective timber strapping on the wall and had them painted in Taubmans Endure ‘Thornyhold’. We’ve collaborated with a lovely friend of ours at Farrah’s Stone who has painted some beautiful watercolour seashells which we have printed onto removable wall stickers for a fun, ocean inspired theme. These gorgeous wall stickers are now available in our online store.


Carpet : Galet, Chert, Cavalier Bremworth

Gyprock : Gyprock® Soundchek™

Ceiling : Gyprock® Superceil™

Internal Doors : MODA PMOD6, Corinthian Doors

Skirting : Bullnose 190×18, Corinthian Doors

Wall Paint Colour : Taubmans Endure Low Sheen ‘Alpine Snow’

Feature Paint Colour : Taubmans Endure Low Sheen ‘Thornyhold’

Ceiling Paint Colour : Taubmans Endure Flat One Coat Ceiling White

Skirting Board Paint Colour : Taubmans Endure Interior Semi Gloss ‘Big White’

Internal Door Paint Colour : Taubmans Endure Interior Semi Gloss ‘Tinseltown’

Door Architraves : Bullnose 117×18, primed, Corinthian Doors

Wall Panelling : Custom build by Kyal

Downlights : Miniled XDK10, Trend Lighting

Powerpoints : Clipsal Zen, matt white

Ceiling Fan : 60″ Flume,  Three Sixty Ceiling Fans

Windows : Ascend Forty Sliding Windows, Textura® Surfmist matte finish, Wideline Windows

Window Architraves : Bullnose 117×18, primed, Corinthian Doors

Light Switches : Clipsal Zen, matt white

Sheer Curtains : Allusion ‘Marzipan’ DIY Blinds

Built in Wardrobes : Affordable Wardrobes



Removable Wall Stickers : Seashell Wall Stickers, Farrah’s Stone, KK Homewares

Hanging Pendant Light : Tall Clay Dome Pendant, small, Bisque Traders



Shelves : Custom made by Kyal, painted in Taubmans

top shelf

Wooden People : Tiny Folk Co.

Number Dial : Plain Janes

Colourful Wooden Puzzle : Extra Large Wooden Puzzle, Happy Go Ducky 

Framed Artwork : Quiver, 20×30″, timber frame, KK Homewares


second shelf

Flower Puzzle : Wooden Puzzle, flower, small Happy Go Ducky

Card : Handmade by Ziya

Framed Artwork : Bream, Nicole Berlach

Rainbow Puzzle : Grimms Large Rainbow, Oskar’s Wooden Ark


third shelf

Woven Fans : souvenirs from a South American trip

Books : Tiny Folk Co.

Weather Toy : Moon Picnic My Weather Station, Urban Baby Shop

Wooden Calendar : Perpetual Calendar, rainbow colours,  The Small Folk 



Doll Stroller : Wicker Pram, The Small Folk

Play Kitchen : The Makai Kitchen, Poppy’s Little Treasures

Cube Storage : restored roadside find, Kara’s own


on top of cubes

Stacker Toy : Round Coloured Stacker, Wooden Story, The Small Folk

Rhino : Common Circus


top cube

Basket : Tall Square Basket, KK Homewares

Colourful Blocks : Wooden Story, The Small Folk

Wooden Train : Happy Go Ducky


middle cubes

Musical Toy : Silver Chime Bar, Baby Noise

Wooden Truck : Happy Go Ducky

Basket (left) : Tall Square Basket, KK Homewares

Basket (right) : The Dharma Door


lower cubes

Basket : Tray Basket, KK Homewares

Wooden Train : Happy Go Ducky

Various small toys : Kara’s own

Basket on floor : Vintage

Blocks in basket : Zanui



Grocery Stand : Market Stall, Poppy’s Little Treasure

Felt Fruits & Vegetables : Papoose Toys, The Small Folk

Wooden Telephone : Vines of the Wild

Doll : Miniland Baby Doll, The Tiny Folk Co

Green Carry Basket : Piki Basket, mint, Olli Ella

White Doll Stroller : gifted to Kara

Floor Rug : Sage & Clare


Ducted air conditioning throughout, InterMech Pty Ltd


All other items are Kara’s own.



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