The Living Room Design Challenge One

Contemporary & Coastal

Those who have followed our journey from the beginning will know that Kyal and I are just two kids from the Central Coast who love hard work and a good transformation. Two reality renovation television shows later and we feel so blessed to be doing what we love full time. We were honoured when ‘The Living Room’ team, on Channel 10, asked us to join them on Series 5 for a string of design challenges opposite Designer James Treble.

So What’s the Challenge?

Basically, viewers of the show can apply to have a room in their home ‘made over’ – twice! Generally, a room is selected that a homeowner has had trouble using to it’s full potential – this could be for many reasons including an odd shape space or the need for the room to be multi-purpose (family room, entertaining area, kids homework room etc – I’m sure there’s plenty of readers who can relate). This is where we get involved. After scoping out the room, Host Barry Du Bois sets Kyal and I, and James Treble the challenge. One team implements their design, after which the homeowner gets to come home and check out the big reveal. The room is then stripped bare again, and the other designer gets the chance to wow the homeowner. The homeowner then makes a decision as to which room they prefer, and a winning room is chosen!

So for Design Challenge one, this is the room we were presented with…

The lovely homeowner Melissa had invested in a HUGE television, but given the angles in the room, the sofa was positioned so far away from the wall the TV was against. What was left was an empty, vast space with very little character. Understandably, Melissa was confused as to how to resolve the space.

Kyal and I decided to flip the layout, and position the television on the wall to the right as you entered the room. This way, the television wasn’t the first thing you saw when entering the room. It also freed up space for a dining table next to the kitchen and adjacent to the sliding doors that opened onto the deck! Perfect for entertaining in our opinion. Part of the challenge was to incorporate a Pickawall feature – so we chose an image of a beautiful beach, and used this as a springboard for our relaxed, Contemporary Coastal Feel.


Our mood board includes an eclectic mix of cushions. All furniture and accessories from


In contrast, James went with a classic ‘Ralph Lauren’ inspired look. Choosing to keep the television on the wall it had previously been on, he rearranged the sofas for a more formal look. This meant the dining table was in the zone to the right as you walked into the room.

James Treble’s classic room was Melissa’s favourite room with the Pickawall feature a standout in Melissa’s eyes. For us, there’s always next time as we battle it out in Design Challenge Two. Will keep you posted on when this airs. To watch the episode, head to TenPlay.


The Living Room, Design Challenge One