The Cottage – Kangaroo Valley

A Country Life

Interviewing our feature artist this week – Lisa Madigan, made me want to sell my house, pack my belongings into the back of a ute, and buy a quaint cottage in the dreamy Kangaroo Valley!  I can imagine a simple life where I ride my bike each morning (with basket attached) to the local bakery to purchase fresh bread, collect eggs from my chook shed and enjoy brunch on the verandah in the sun. My dog Jonah would run freely on rich green pastures and later we’d hike, picking wild flowers for my living room. Then I wake up and remember: I have a job, love the beach life and have other responsibilities that currently keep me grounded.

Approximately 8 years ago, the charm of Kangaroo Valley (located two hours south of Sydney) had such an impact upon Lisa Madigan and her husband that they made an impulsive and exciting decision to pack up and move to the country. They purchased a cottage (circa 1880s) and got to work transforming the unloved gem into the dreamy home it is today. Although the pair have since relocated back to Sydney, The Cottage is now available for romantic weekend escapes (hint Kyal), location shoots and intimate events.

The pictures are a feast for the eyes and the perfect example of a renovation that pays homage to the history and character of the homes past. Thank you so much for sharing Lisa.

Read our interview with Lisa here.

All pictures by Lean & Meadow.