We are excited to have partnered with Snooze this year as a sponsor for Season 8 of The Living Room. As part of the partnership, we have worked with Snooze to develop a series of three television commercials which will run in rotation throughout the season. Stay tuned for more upcoming, exciting activity with the cast of The Living Room.



Kyal and Kara helped Liz style her dream bedroom after Liz went in store and used the Snooze Profiler® to help find her perfect mattress.

Head into one of Snooze’s stores and answer a few questions, lay back on the Snooze Profiler® to receive a personalised report to help you find a mattress that may be better suited to you.




We talk about our love for the gorgeous, Australian-made Venus buttoned headboard which has been customised in Warwick ‘graphite’ fabric and features a storage base with drawers.

Head into one of Snooze’s stores and ask about their huge customisable bedding range to help you find your unique comfortable.




With Snooze’s great variety available to suit your individual preferences, we talk about the benefits of SleepTailor ® mattresses, and how each side can be customised depending on you and your partner’s preferred comfort needs. Once you find your dream mattress, the styling can make all the difference in your bedroom.

Head in store and ask Snooze’s friendly staff to offer their expertise in creating your perfect bedroom.