Our Christmas Table

We found the most beautiful tablewares and Christmas decorations for KK Homewares this year, and what better way to showcase them than by styling our annual pre-christmas lunch with some of our favourite ladies! Merrin from Honeysett House and I have been collaborating on beautiful projects here and there for years and I can honestly say that they just keep getting more and more stunning! Most of us have had children over the past few years and organising a lunch that everyone can get to can be so hard but as soon as we’re all together, you remember why it’s worth the effort – more memories made together.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your own Christmas table, here’s a list of what we’ve used..


Table Styling

Tablecloth : Admiral Table Cloth, KK Homewares

Dinner Set : Siena Dinner Set, linen, Ecology Homewares

Cutlery : Brushed Silver Cutlery Set, Krof

Napkins : Admiral Napkins, Set of 4, KK Homewares

Standing Christmas Tree Ornaments, available in 3 sizes, KK Homewares

Paper Name Tags & Mini Posy : Honeysett House

Ceramic Ikebana Frog (flower/foliage holder) : Honeysett House

Paper Christmas Decorations : available in various shapes and colours, KK Homewares

Linen Aprons : Honeysett House

Foliage & Flowers : flannel flowers, smoke bush, bunny tails, corokia, dried grasses

Christmas Tree Styling

Tree : Koch & Co (purchased roughly 5 years ago)

Brandy Rose Paper Scoop Ornament : KK Homewares

Brandy Rose Paper Onion Ornament : KK Homewares

White Paper Scoop Ornament : KK Homewares

White Paper Onion Ornament : KK Homewares

Classic Grey Paper Scoop Ornament : KK Homewares

Classic Grey Paper Onion Ornament : KK Homewares

Silk Ribbons on packages under tree : Honeysett House 


Benchtop Styling

Rustic Timber Vase : Barefoot Gypsy

Foliage in vase : Preserved date palm, corokia, lunaria, smoke bush