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How to Style a Nursery with Zanui


Creating a soothing and harmonious space for your little one is such a lovely way to nest leading up to their arrival. With our second babe due very soon, I’ve teamed up with Zanui to style a gorgeous gender neutral nursery. We’d love to know what your ‘must haves’ were with your children?

Step 1

Invest in gender neutral furniture

Invest in some good quality, gender neutral furniture pieces that will last.  That way, they can be passed on to the littlest kids as your children grow.    

Step 2

Choose Multipurpose Furniture

For this room, I've chosen this change table that will transition to a standard chest of drawers as our little one grows.  

Step 3

Select a neutral colour palette

It's a great idea to start with a neutral colour palette as a base for your nursery. This will help create a soothing and harmonious space for your little one. As your baby and child grows, add more of their personality with their own artwork, favourite colours and toys. 


Step 4

Create a cosy corner to sit, feed and read

It's a great idea to create a cosy corner to sit and feed or read to your little one.

Step 5

Use open shelving

Use open shelves to display your decorative toys that not only look beautiful, but will entertain your child as they grow.

Watch the video here.