The Living Room : Family Room Design Challenge

Thu 21 Jun 2018
The Living Room Family Room Design Challenge

This family room reminds me so much of our family room growing up.  The focal point is the big, comfy and well-loved sofa that has, years later, seen better days.  A room that has had memory after memory made.  But...the time has come for a refresh!  This is the family room of Sabika and Sean, who have two children - now 18 and 19!  They enjoy entertaining in this room, but would love it to be a more sophisticated and social room.  Currently, everything is pushed up against the wall facing the TV; hence the furniture layout is not conducive to conversation.  The elephant in the room (as always) is the TV - which currently doesn't have a true 'home'.  And to make matters worse, Sean has just purchased a HUGE new TV - so finding a new storage solution for the TV is paramount.  

When recceing the room, it was obvious there were a lot of small pieces that were sentimental, all with a story to tell.  Together with James Treble, the brief was to update the family room to create a more social and 'grown up' space infused with the family's memories.  

BEFORE: The old blue sofa has seen better days

BEFORE: All the furniture sits along the walls.

BEFORE: The TV sits awkwardly on a coffee table in the corner of the room

Kyal and I were inspired by the outlook to the pool and wanted to create a resort style abode with ocean inspired hues. The starting point - paint! The room was painted with Taubmans 'Grey Moon', and trims with Taubmans 'Miss Universe'.

Next up, we focused on the layout.  The new (HUGE) TV needed a true home, so to conceal the fact that it's so big we've used a full wall of IKEA cabinetry.  This cabinetry works so well with our chosen wall colour - giving the illusion that it's built-in, and is the perfect place to style all the family's keepsakes and photographs.  

AFTER: New Ikea cabinetry to house the TV and display the family's keepsakes

AFTER: We've flipped the layout, moving the TV to the opposite end of the room

When choosing seating, we've moved away from the modular and gone for a more 'sophisticated' approach.  Two sofas and armchairs - all facing each other - encouraging people to talk!  I LOVE this coffee table, not only because it's made with rattan, but the rectangle shape works well to 'connect' all the furniture pieces - which helps to create a more 'social' and inviting space.  

AFTER: A new, more social furniture layout

To add warmth and texture, we've layered up the rugs - which is a GREAT idea if you don't have the budget for a large or custom size rug.  Greenery and cushions of various fabrics assist with adding the warmth, interest and style that this room was screaming for!  

AFTER: Layered rugs and lots of texture

As with all our Living Room Design Challenges, we were asked to incorporate a custom build.  Kyal and I decided on a custom mirror that would fill the large wall you see as you walk into the room, incorporating a mantle for family photographs.  The bay window lets in so much natural light, and we really wanted to capitalise on this.  Mirrors have the ability to really open a room up and give the illusion of more space.  In this case, the mirror reflects the kitchen and dining living area - which helps to connect all these rooms - the perfect addition to this space!  

To watch the full episode, including James Treble's take on the room, and to find out who won the challenge - head to The Living Room on TenPlay.