The Living Room - Design Challenge One 2017

Thu 2 Mar 2017
The Living Room - Design Challenge One 2017

It feels like yesterday I was writing about Design Challenge One 2016 - and now a whole year has passed!  I have to admit, there's been a lot more to think about this time around with little Ziya in tow.  I'm not ready to part with him for more than a couple of hours at a time (and I'm still breastfeeding) so he comes everywhere with us.  But what a lovely 'on-set' distraction he is!

We also helped celebrate The Living Room's 200th episode and Ziya was our extra special guest.   

Design Challenge One was all about creating a colourful bedroom for two beautiful young girls - Chloe and Maddie. We were entrusted with three year old Maddie's bedroom, and the brief was to ensure we up-cycled the existing chest of drawers and bed, as well as creating plenty of storage for all her toys.   

Barry Du Bois setting the challenge once again.

Maddie's favourite colours are purple and yellow. We tied these colours in by designing a custom made circus tent-inspired canopy to sit over the toy wall.  Walking through the door your eye is instantly drawn to the colour.  

A colourful canopy with plenty of storage for toys.

To refresh the bed and chest-of-drawers, we repainted them and replaced the existing knobs with cute little cloud handles.  

Book storage on the opposite wall.

Maddie was quickly attracted to the custom fold-down craft station, that has plenty of space for her colouring pencils and a roll of butcher's paper for drawing. 

Maddie's craft station.

Custom built craft station.

Ziya helping us to celebrate 200 episodes

Ziya making his Living Room debut.


To watch the full episode or for supplier information (including paint colours), head to Tenplay.