The 7 Storey Leap!

Mon 31 Jul 2017
The 7 Storey Leap!

Last week Kyal and I leapt off a 7-storey building - and by 'leapt' I mean very slowly and reluctantly abseiled down under close supervision...  

I (Kara) have discovered I'm getting scared of heights in my old age.  Perhaps having Ziya has made me feel more vulnerable.  Leading up to our 'leap' I hadn't had a chance to think too much about the process, so it wasn't until I was standing on the roof-top of Crowne Plaza Terrigal that all the fear crept in.  For a split second, I actually thought I was going to cry!  Or maybe that was just the wind in my eyes....

Before the jump.  I'm actually thinking "Get me outta here Kyal!"

"Why would you leap off a 7-storey building?" I hear you asking...  We'd been challenged by our community to raise funds for the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service by taking the Leaders Leap.  Whether it's a neonatal transfer or a trauma rescue, the team at the Rescue Helicopter Service have such an important role in our community.  The reality is, you or I may need this service one day.  Our fundraising tally is open until 14th August, we'd love you to contribute here if you can.  

The amazing team of 2017 Leaders Leapers

We abseiled down this wall on the side of Crowne Plaza Terrigal