Maternity Staples - BAE The Label

Thu 29 Sep 2016
Maternity Staples - BAE The Label

I'm certainly not a fashionista - with no desire whatsoever to be one - I'll stick to the renovating any day of the week. I do however appreciate a good recommendation when it comes to stylish staples. Kyal and I have been together over 12 years - and have always been super excited to be parents. But...If I'm totally honest...I wasn't prepared for the changes in my body that occur during pregnancy, and its taken me a long time to look at my growing belly and surrender to the amazing metamorphosis that occurs whilst growing a baby. 

I wish someone had of told me earlier on (when I still had the top button of my jeans undone) that I'd be much more comfortable in a good pair of maternity pants. When I'm feeling comfortable in what I'm wearing, I'm naturally more confident - and at a time when my body is changing daily, it's a nice feeling. I've teamed up with BAE The Label and put together my top staples 'wish list.' At the top of the list for me are the 'Noir Skinny Pants' that go with everything, and the 'At First Sight Pantsuit' - because anyone who knows me will tell you I love a good jumpsuit. I'm almost at the end of my pregnancy journey and about to head into a whole new realm of parenting territory - for those just starting on the pregnancy journey - embrace this beautiful time. 

BAE Shadow Sounds Dress  

BAE At First Sight Pantsuit    

BAE Days Like This Swing Top

BAE Noir Skinny Pant  

BAE Resort Tank