Easycraft in Wet Areas

Mon 15 May 2017
Easycraft in Wet Areas

We've had a lot of questions regarding whether Easycraft VJ Panels are suitable for wet areas.  Manufactured from 9mm MDF board, we love the resilient nature of the Easycraft "EasyVJ" Panels, and the fact that they come pre-primed.  These MDF boards are not, however, suitable for a wet area.  

The good news is that Easycraft do manufacture a product called "Easyclad", which is suitable for internal wet areas, such as bathrooms and laundries.  Easyclad is a 9.5mm-thick board made from a combination of Australian hardwoods known for their durability and low-fibre swell characteristics.  

Easyclad boards painted in Taubmans 'Grey Cliff'

The other good news is, that like the Easycraft VJ boards, they come pre-primed and ready to paint!  

We've clad the ceilings and walls in this bathroom in the Easycraft Easyclad

Easyclad boards are also suitable for semi-external, undercover use.  We've used them to line the ceiling area over our upstairs deck on the Toowoon Bay Renovation.  

Easyclad boards used in a semi-exterior applicationEasyclad boards on this ceiling are painted in Taubmans 'Surfmist' When selecting finishes for a renovation, ensuring there is a good flow between spaces is important.  One of the ways we've achieved this in our Toowoon Bay Renovation is by ensuring there is a touch of the VJ profile in each room.    Easycraft made this easy to achieve because the Easyclad product is available in every profile  - so no matter which Easycraft profile you choose, there is a wet area option to match.  

Easyclad boards in the downstairs bathroom of the Toowoon Bay Reno A consistent flow from one bathroom to the next is achieved by incorporating Easyclad boards with matching vanities and tapware Easyclad covering the in-wall toilet cistern

Check out our installation video featuring the Easycraft VJ boards here.