Being Pregnant Second Time Around!

Wed 9 May 2018
Being Pregnant Second Time Around!

Here I am at the end of my second pregnancy and I'm still pinching myself.  Mainly because I still feel like a child myself, but I'm about to become a MUM OF TWO!  First time around, and after 12 years of being together, Kyal and I were SO happy to be expecting our first child.  I'd always been excited to be pregnant, but I was not prepared for how much my body would change during the pregnancy.  I was pretty open about the fact that it took me a long time to look at my growing belly and surrender to the amazing metamorphosis that occurs whilst growing a baby.  Second time around we're obviously just as excited, and I made a pact with myself!  My goal was to wake up each morning, and be 100% thankful for the miracle of growing a human, as opposed to focusing any energy on being nervous about all the physical changes.  Who knows, this could potentially be the last time I'm pregnant, so I've wanted to enjoy it all (Who am I kidding - I'm so going to want another one as soon as I have a fresh newborn to smell again..!)

Along the way there have been so many similarities to the first pregnancy (so much so that I feel like I'm having another boy - time will tell) but also a few differences.  The main one being the fatigue!  Unfortunately, Ziya doesn't have an off button for those days when it all just catches up on you!  I'm also still breastfeeding Ziya, which has added to this.  Secondly, I showed a LOT quicker this time around!  Luckily I learnt from the first time around that investing in some staple pieces can make you feel a whole lot more comfortable (and human) when your body is changing at a rapid rate - the moment you go from wearing the top button of your pants undone to wearing maternity pants is absolute bliss!  

I've put together a few of my pregnancy 'staple' recommendations from maternity brand Bae The Label.